How Waffles Started World War Weeb

By Sara Baines, First of His Name, Co-Commander of Logistics, Chief Posh Git and Proud Member of Team20

Once upon a time, there was a weeb known as Tumeski. Tumeski filled Waffles discord channels with endless cartoons. This then caused the knock on effect of other closet weebs filling all channels in all timezomes with cartoons. That was, until one day, when the leader of Waffles - Reza Najafi - decided "enough of these shitty cartoons" and thus decreed there to be no more shitty cartoons in Waffles discord.

A while later, after some meetings, BBQs and BBQ meetings. It was discovered that Jintaan (unlawful and false ruler of Providence) was a weeb of the highest magnitude. This was the final straw. Invasion plans were drawn up and the Waffle armada marched. During the first great public address of World War Weeb, Reza Najafi the Merciful showed compassion to our own weebs and decreed "If the weebs collect 10 corpses of the great pretender - Jintaan - we shall allow them once again to kawaii freely upon our services".

The anti-weeb faction of Waffles, who had rejoiced at the outlawing of the cartoons, inquired of the great leader Reza Najafi First of his Name what they could do to ensure cartoons were never allowed back. Our glorious leader explained how, as the current dominant faction, it was important for the anti-weebs to stretch themselves and thus not 10 but 20 corpses of the pretender were required and a no-take-backsies lifetime ban of cartoons in Discord would occurr.

Here is where you see the true genius of our glorious leader, instead of infighting he gave the two factions - Team10 and Team20 - a mutual enemy in the pretender Jintaan. So far, this has proven to have been a master stroke. Our fleets our full, our will is strong and the might of our gun batteries is raining upon the weak forces of Providence, inflicting heavy casualties. Providence's moralle is low and our armada is securing stronger and stronger footholds in the region day by day.

This...This is World War Weeb.