Liberating Providence Intensifies

By Jebi Vjetar

Hello dear komreds o7

This one time I awoke in the morning and then komred Alex was like "yo Jebi wanna write this thing". Thanks to this we are now here. The purpose of this post is to show a short overwiew of the World War Weeb / Anime Wars / Liberating Providence. We better take some good pictures with words, or else in a hundred years some nerds will claim it never happened. Here is how it really went down.

There is this Podcast. It's some kind of audio interview platform. Dudes get there and talk about stuff. On this particular Podcast there was two special guests there - the future protagonist and antagonist of our story. Reza was sitting there being normal and cool, as the leader of Waffles. Jin'taan, the Providence FC and CSM, thought to himself "it's too peaceful in here, let us start a flame war". Following this trail of thought, the dude started talking mad shit to Reza and throwing shade like a solar eclipse.

For those of you who don't know how it works here is picture explanation: Talk shit get → Get hit

Parallel to this another independent Shitstorm was brewing. You see, there is these peoples who call themselves weebs. They are the fandom of anime cartoons in a life encompassing way, where they shitpost anime maymays, and buy anime full body pillows, etc. The weebs were shitposting so loud even Bob the imaginary deity heard them over discord. The normals had it with the weebs. The weebs had it with being oppressed and made fun of. This was all initally taking place on the Waffles discord, and subsequentially spilled over into IRC → back to discord → reddit → kensrforums/mainstream.

Third thing we need to consider is the cosmo-political situation in New Eden. There is literally nothing happening anywere. Mass timezone tanking on 3 timers. Every 6th pilot you meet in space has his clipboard preloaded with "ha ha made you use capacitor to warp". No major scale warfare, no invasions, no 100k dudes burning Huola, no nothing. Only fights happen for the lulz, no consequential things, no B-R's, no universal-level-coolness. Bonus: what usually happens over summer is the average player count of EVE goes down.

It all changed when the weeb nation attacked. Those of you who have longer attention spans than 69 seconds may remember Jin'taan from the Podcast paragraph. Turns out the dude is a self proclaimed weeb.

The peoples were crying to the admins and then the admins heard their cries. Komred Reza the glorious leader was like "ok he was talking mad shit, now lets see what he's made of". Using his advanced tactical genius the komred combined the above 3 independent small Shitstorms into a genuine Class A Shitstorm. A public anouncement was made for the peoples by the peoples inviting everyone to Providence. For 10 Jin'taan (ingame) corpses anime stays forever. For 20 Jin'taan (ingame) corpses weebs get banned forever.

Team10 and Team20 were formed within the community. A liberation effort of Providence was mounted. Hundreds of nerds were mobilized with their gorillions of ISK of imaginary space pixels. A bunch of cool shit was teleported in. 700 propaganda pictures were made.

For example:

Credit: Silent_As_The_Grove


Credit: Jintaan

Other boards can legit be buttdjelious of glorious high quality our god-tier propaganda and 7 layers of maymays. Weebs made their own discord and it hit over 700 million dudes in like 6 minutes. So far they have reposted every anime maymay in the history of internet at least two times. Click here to see it with your own eyes. Fair warning: weebs

There is nothing more generally liked by the EVE community, as large scale warfare over meta stuff, besides maybe talking shit to CCP and spewing buttsalt about cloaky camping. The plan is to get a bunch of dudes there, then everyone else will start looking into dogpiling onto the content. If all goes well, the entire Providence will be freeported. If all goes really well, we will generate a B-R like battle in size. So far there has been multiple 100+B battles,1162,1159,1197,1193,1170&b=7538040&e=135&t=vbvvvvv. The Liberation effort has been going on for roughly a week, with no end in near sight.

ADMs are going down, bears are crying, PVPers and cooks are rejoicing. Providence locals have peculiar PVP strategies to say the least. The dudes prefer docking 200 pilots in a ratting pocket AND forming a SEBO'd gatecamp on the out gate for 10 hours OVER undocking/baiting the opponent. There is only AFK and blob for them. This leads to some interesting fights where the amars are too afraid to fight a Svipul, but have no problem fighting 200 Machs 70 Dreads and 100 Prots with their 40 Carriers and 200NMs.

Parts of these glorious events have been streamed live on Twitch. Usually when people entosis, they want to do it privately. Not in Providence legit. Liberators of Providence took it upon themselves to do it live streamed. If you want you can look up the VODs on Twitch/Youtube. Much content was generated. At one point it was free Thrashers for everyone.

In order to provide the highest quality impartial article with on-the-field reports, I've spoken with a random older EVE PVPer. He said "fuck this weebs they made me log in my Nomad alt for the first time in 2017". Then I've spoken with a random amar from Providence. He said "fuck this shit i'm moving to drone lands". These may or may not be paraphrased.

In conclusion, the "fun" is just starting. This has been a short review of the World War Anime.

Unless major things happen elsewhere, Providence is the content central for the entire universe for summer 2017.