Desu Vult

By John Falkner, Authentic South Pacific Lady Boi, SniggWaffe recruiter and Proud #team10 loyalist

A man once asked, “What is best in life, John? Is it the conquest of sov? Is it that beautiful moment when you win a 1v1 at the sun? Is it that warm, fuzzy, feeling when you get another tick, ratting in some long forgotten sector in null?”

After I closed the chat window and wondered who that weirdo was, I started thinking to myself, what is best in life? Over the course of what one could laughably describe as my eve career I’ve fought people in person verson person mortal combat, ran around making a fool of myself in incursions and managed to sneak my way into becoming a recruiter for waffles. Was there something in all of that I could consider my passion? My drive? My will to be?

Then, while chugging my two liter bottle of mountain dew, my eyes fell upon my computer and I came upon the answer. There it was, sitting there, taking up my space in my hard drive. My 17TB collection of japanese cartoons. Anime. Anime is what is best in life.

For you see, anime isn’t just about masturabatory fantasies of obviously superior two dimensional catgirls, or the competition and dominance over 30-40 year old questionably human males as they argue over which animated girl is “best”. No, it’s so much more than that. Anime is a story telling medium, one capable of creating stories about tragedy, joy, triumph and the everpresent love between a man and another man via the genre of, ‘yaoi’.

Which is why, as an anime loving member of Waffles, it pains me to see the Weebs of Provi having lost their way so thoroughly. Ticks? Blobs? TiDi? No, my friends. It’s much worse. It’s about their irreverent and garbage taste of anime. Who can seriously sit down, look at another, fellow, anime lover straight in the eye and say that K-ON is a good anime? Or the refusal to watch outright outstanding anime such as 91 Days and Erased because it has too many sad moments in it.

Heretics I say. Heretics and Filth.

As such, as the great pioneers of old have done in the past, we shall do for the present. As Martin Luther hammered his Ninety-five Theses upon the doors of the All Saints’ Church, as the Pope apologizes and disavows the Fourth Crusade’s sacking of Constantinople, so do we Weebs in Waffles make a stand. For this is not a war of sov, or revenge or money. It is a war of Righteousness, to bring back our straying brothers and ladybois back into the Fold of True Anime. That instead of one weeb telling another weeb that “While I disagree with your opinion heartily and wish it were otherwise, I completely respect your opinion as a person and a human being.” you say to that weeb that he is wrong, his tastes are wrong and that he should change his tastes to match your own tastes

That is why we are here. Not for God, Glory or Gold. For Righteousness.

Daijobu desu ka.