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05.06.2017: Liberating Providence Intensifies

By Jebi Vjetar

04.29.2017: World War Weeb: Just Another Challenge in an Ancient Struggle

By Haruchai Ardenol

04.28.2017: The Zeppe Report, Issue 1

By Dread Zeppe

04.28.2017: The Phage Fandom

By Tara Read

04.27.2017: Desu Vult

By John Falkner, Authentic South Pacific Lady Boi, SniggWaffe recruiter and Proud #team10 loyalist

04.27.2017: How Waffles started World War Weeb

By Sara Baines, First of His Name, Co-Commander of Logistics, Chief Posh Git and Proud Member of Team20