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We know what it's like to get hit by bullshit. Outside of our opinion pieces, we swear to report only honest news with as little skew as possible.


We pride ourselves on being independent. Much like many of our pilots, we are the nomadic news source that doesn't care who we piss off.


News in New Eden is stale. It's all the same just said by a different talking head. We're trying to bring some new flavor to your news routines.


If something is happening, we want to be there - to share it, with you.

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Front Line Reporters

Are you a PVP pilot? Are you just sitting cloaked waiting to loot? Like to take pictures? Do you have basic literacy skills? Contact us today!

Political Cartoonists

We all appreciate a good laugh, especially when it's at someone elses expense. If you like making fun of anyone and everyone, we want you on our team.